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The dental bonding wish list is a list of things dental bonding can do for your damaged smile, Dental bonding can restore your smile without entirely replacing it. For more information, see below:

– Dental bonding treatments are frequently used for accidents and injuries including breaks, cracks, splits, and fractures that may have happened to a tooth.
– Bonding uses resin and porcelain materials directly to the face of your teeth for a solid hold that can recover their look and function, and even repair the damage.
– Dental bonding improvements can be shaded to blend in with the regular color of your teeth.
– A dental bond can also be customized to address minor spacing issues between teeth.
– Bonding also can be used as an alternative tooth-colored dental filling treatment to help treat and prevent cavities?

If you would like a dental bonding treatment from Ninth Street Dental at our office in Durham, North Carolina, please contact us at 919-286-9090. Dr. Shirin Mashhoon and the rest of our team will ensure that you get the damage-free smile you desire.