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Losing multiple teeth to untreated tooth decay, severe gum disease or a dental avulsion can severely impact your oral function and appearance. Modern dental restoration technology can sometimes replace these multiple missing teeth with dental implants bonded to a bridge. However, this could call for one or more invasive oral surgeries.

For people who are averse to this course of treatment, Dr. Shirin Mashhoon might recommend fitting you for a removable partial denture.

This is basically a miniature version of dentures designed to match the location and shape of the missing teeth. It has a base that appears like gum tissue and it has false teeth attached to the side. The base locks with the gum structure and it might also include some special hardware that interlocks with the neighboring natural teeth.

Dr. Shirin Mashhoon will start by examining your mouth and taking a few X-rays to assess any other questionable teeth. If she finds additional problem teeth, she might recommend also having them extracted and included in the partial.

With all questionable teeth addressed, Dr. Shirin Mashhoon will cast a detailed impression of the area. This includes the surrounding teeth and gums as well as the corresponding teeth in your bite. The impression will then be sent to a dental lab where your new partial will be custom made to match your mouth.

While the partial will be designed to lock into place, you might still want to apply a small bead of denture adhesive. This will provide an extra hold and will help block out stray food material.

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